Slice of Life

Slice of Life
By Sinta Dewi Nuryani
“No, I would prefer not to study abroad to America.”
Most of you, if given a chance to study abroad to America, would answer yes if asked whether or not you would like to study to America.
Sadly, I have to disagree with the opinion of the majority. Sure, I have great many friends who survived studying in America until graduation and become successful people in their career afterward in Indonesia. But, words of wise, most of these people are graduate students (S2 or S3).

As a young adult (undergraduate student, S1) who has studied in America, I have discovered that America is not solely the land of dream to pursue your dream. Would you sacrifice your maturity, country heroism, dignity, culture, and virginity for the sake purpose of an American Diploma? I certainly wouldn’t even though I would still like to return to America to pursue my graduate degree. Confusing, huh?

Think carefully for those of you young adult who intend to study abroad to America. Studying abroad to America is like pealing layers of onion. Every layer of onion bring tears however if you finally reach the end, you are a WINNER.


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