The Soundtrack of Our Love

It's been so long since we took the time
To share words from deep inside us
We're in our own world, spinning our wheels
But you know how I feel

Since the first time I took your hand
My love for you has just been growing
You always seem to understand
You know how I am

 **I'm gonna love you till the end
I'm gonna be your very true friend
I wanna share your ups and downs
I'm gonna be around

When you're alone 'cause I'm away
Don't be sad, don't be afraid
I'm gonna turn my thoughts to you
Like I always do

Back to **

Catch you when you fall
Hold you when youre down
Sharing every moment
I wanna show you all I do
I believe I've found a miracle in you

Vicka-Zulfikar 3rd Wedding Anniversary


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